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Pop culture consumers

April, 2020
This site has not been actively maintained in almost 15 years. I'm amazed it still works. Note that we've moved on long ago, and all of the writings on this site are left online only to capture a time in our lives. Honestly, I find most of it juvenile, mean-spirited, ugly and clearly the product of a very sad person. I no longer believe it to be funny, although I do still admire some of its cleverness. To those written about here, I apologize. You didn't deserve this, but in some sick ways it was my truth at the time. Please forgive me. I love you all. -Dan

This site is for anyone who thinks that Michael Jackson did it, anyone who fondly remembers making their action figures hump and everyone who can...not...wait for Britney's first round of plastic surgery. Popular culture is serious shit, people, and not to be taken lightly. If you aren't instictively drawn to issues of Star featuring the Olsen Twins' eating disorder woes, do us both a favor and take your Aerostar and get out.

If you are planning to leave, at least you can be a good girl and fix mommie dearest a scotch before you go.

The staff: the geek, the gay and the girl

Dan is a web developer by trade and lives in San Francisco with his girlfriend, Lisa, and their two dogs -- Pork the pug and Dill the Boston Terrier. His heroes include Kurt Vonnegut, George Carlin, Stevie Wonder, Steve Yzerman and Donny Yen. He enjoys watching hockey and playing video games in his free time.

He is also the exact same age and Neil Patrick Harris and occassionally gets cold sores.

Lake Stevens
Lake Stevens first exploded onto the journalism scene with his revealing expose on the fifth Pointer Sister. When Lake isn't riding horses (bareback) with the "wife" or hob-knobbing with the rich and famous, you can find him at the Country Club playing a jolly good round of squash with his companions, Sven and Rory.

Lisa shares her name with a porn star and the girl who played Stacy Collins on Fifteen, Nickelodeon's first and only kids' soap opera. "Oh no! Matt's drinking again! We've got to get very, very concerned."

She collects antique prosthetics, syringes and (gently used?) Barbies. One day she plans to have lots of babies...but not until the doctors make the voices stop.
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